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2022 Advance – Beautiful Branches Rooted in Truth

Returning to John 15, this five (5) session study looks at the life-principles and God-promises for women whose desire is to abide in Christ and produce spiritual fruit that remains.  We examine other Bible passages to study God’s plan for women as image bearers who reflect His design and transform our culture, which seems to be rapidly turning away from God and His Word. We also look at some examples of women in Scripture who remained rooted in truth during turbulent times, whose response to God’s directives was, “Here I am.”

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2021 Advance – Capturing the Mind of Christ in a World Gone Mad

This five (5) session study looks at the trajectory of this world and how it has affected our thinking through social media, entertainment and other ways. The Bible provides us with the rescuing truths of God’s Word.  Philippians is the focal point as we explore how God thinks about what is happening in our world today, what He intends to do in and through each of us and some very practical ways to capture His mind.

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The Blessing

A five (5) session study that focuses on God’s divine favor and His greatest blessing, the gift of Himself.  If we understand the true meaning of walking in the blessings of God every day, then our contentment, witness and daily lives will change for the better. These teachings also expand on what the Bible teaches about blessing others including the “family blessing”.  You will learn how this important concept influences every relationship and role that you have.  Finally, this study examines the blessings of God even in times of suffering and difficult circumstances. Some of these hard times may bring some of your most intimate times with the Lord.


Abiding Joy in Difficult Times

John 15 is the central passage for this study which presents the 7 Realities of Abiding in Christ. Jesus teaches this central truth of the Christian life to His disciples just after they finish their last meal together before His death. Using the imagery of the vine and the branches, Jesus speaks of such things as pruning, joy, trials and abundant living in the power of the Holy Spirit. In practical ways the study teaches what is necessary in order to have joy, no matter what the circumstances. This five (5) part study will surely change your life.


Discerning God’s Will

A three (3) part study using the life of Mary, the mother of Jesus, to examine the realities of experiencing God as we do His will. Each session is based on principles from a study by Henry Blackaby, however, the application targets women, who are the influencers of society. Through this study you will learn how to join God as He accomplishes His purposes in the world.


Hungering For God

This four (4) part study looks at the signs of leanness of soul and explores what God says about His provision for His people during barren times using the imagery of the Bread of Life. From passages in the Old and New Testaments you discover how God creates hunger in human hearts and then fills them up to overflow. How He uses loss to deepen our longing for fellowship with Him through Jesus Christ which enables us to experience joy even when times are hard.


Radical Obedience

A five (5) part study using the book of Joshua to examine the relationship between obedience to God’s Word and the victorious Christian life. Topic for the study are taken from the biblical accounts of: Salvation at the Red Sea; Disobedience at Kadesh; Obedience at The Jordan; Victory at Jericho and A Profession at Shechem. The study will challenge you to enter into God’s promises as Christians who are radically obedient–obeying God immediately and completely, without compromise and without complaint.


Your Year of Jubilee

A four (4) part study based on the truths God taught through the Year of Jubilee in scripture. During this year slaves were set free and God’s people reclaimed the land that was given to them to possess. The study focuses on God’s power to deliver us from the things that have enslaved us and the lies the enemy has caused us to believe. Those who complete this study should experience a new freedom and rest in Christ, who is the fulfillment of the Year of Jubilee.

More Bible Studies to be posted in the near future.