Bible Study Materials

The Blessing

A five (5) session study that focuses on God’s divine favor and His greatest blessing, the gift of Himself.  If we understand the true meaning of walking in the blessings of God every day, then our contentment, witness and daily lives will change for the better. These teachings also expand on what the Bible teaches about blessing others including the “family blessing”.  You will learn how this important concept influences every relationship and role that you have.  Finally, this study examines the blessings of God even in times of suffering and difficult circumstances. Some of these hard times may bring some of your most intimate times with the Lord.

          01 – Introduction to The Blessing

          02 – The 5-Fold Blessing Pt 1

          03 – The 5-Fold Blessing Pt 2

          04 – The 5-Fold Blessing Pt 3

          05 – God’s Blessed Ones Bless Others

          Testimony – Susan Graham

          Listening Guide for The Blessing (2020 Advance)

More Bible Studies to be posted in the near future.