Listen now to the 2022 Advance

Joy of Abiding celebrated their 20th Advance at the Cove February 25th – 27th, 2022

The Topic – Beautiful Branches Rooted in Truth

In August 2003, the Joy of Abiding ministry, less than a year old, took a step of faith and held its first Advance at The Cove.  Armed with our God-given purpose derived from John 15, we invited women to the mountain to feast upon God’s Word, participate in true worship, and experience sweet fellowship.  While our world has changed drastically in the past 20 years, our faithful God, the truth of His Word, and the purpose of the ministry has not.  So, it is with thankful hearts and great joy that we celebrated Joy of Abiding’s 20th Advance at The Cove on February 25th – 27th, 2022.  Our Topic – Beautiful Branches Rooted in Truth.

Returning to John 15, we examined the life-principles and God-promises for women whose desire is to abide in Christ and produce spiritual fruit that remains.  We went to other Bible passages to study God’s plan for women as image bearers who reflect His design and transform our culture, which seems to be rapidly turning away from God and His Word.  We also looked at some examples of women in Scripture who remained rooted in truth during turbulent times, whose response to God’s directives was, “Here I am.”

Wendy McCutchan, a young mother of three, told us about God’s faithfulness through a tragic event in her family that ended in the death of her husband, Chris. We will find hope as she shares how God has used this crushing experience to help her find JOY that is possible only by abiding in Christ day-by-day and coming to the place where we can say, “Here I am, use me.”  Her story is one we will not soon forget.

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